Sunday, September 8, 2013

All State Van Lines Relocation Notes Important Questions to Ask Potential Movers

All State Van Lines Relocation
All State Van Lines Relocation is a Florida-based moving brokerage firm that coordinates residential and corporate moves and relocations nationwide.

Q: Moving is an important step for a family or company. Where does one begin?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Before hiring a mover, be prepared to research at least four or five companies. The best way to find reliable movers is to ask lots of questions and get everything in writing.

Q: What kind of questions to start?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Start by asking how long the company has been in business. If it’s only been a few years, the next question is extra important: “Can you provide me with some recent references?” Also check online consumer review boards, although they can be less than reliable. Third, ask to see all state and local licensure and ask if they are licensed for local and interstate moving.

Q: How about money? When is it time to talk cost?

All State Van Lines Relocation: That’s next! Local moves are generally charged by the man- hour. Be sure to get and compare rates—in writing. Long distance and interstate moves are determined by the weight. Ask how that weight is determined.

Q: What about safety and liability?

All State Van Lines Relocation: That is your next question. You’ll want to know how your items will be packed and handled. You’ll need to know how movers intend to protect walls, carpets and woodwork. And finally, you need to inspect the company’s liability policy, confirming that they are well insured for damage or loss.

Q: And scheduling?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Ask for written confirmation as to exact times of pickup and arrival.


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