Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All State Van Lines Relocation Offers Tips on Helping Children Cope With Moving

All State Van Lines Relocation
All State Van Lines Relocation is a brokerage business that coordinates relocations for businesses and families nationwide. Located in Margate, Florida, All State Van Lines Relocation works to match clients with a prescreened moving company that will offer the best in affordability and service for each family’s individual needs.

Q: What does it mean to be a moving broker?

All State Van Lines Relocation: We work with clients to determine their needs and match them with a mover that has been screened and found to be affordable and reliable. It is our goal to help everyone, from a first-time student off to college to relocating families and businesses. We also provide useful information to assist with the relocation process.

Q: What kind of information?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Various questions that come up frequently. Recently we’ve addressed the concerns of parents regarding the effects moving has on children and how to help children through the process.

Q: What are some suggestions you can give parents?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Keep children informed and involved throughout the entire process. Adhere to their daily routine as much as possible. Be patient and understanding. Empathize with them and talk openly about their anxieties. Don’t trivialize their concerns. Reassure them that their feelings are normal. Help them make new friends. Support them as they adjust to their new surroundings by helping them become involved in their new school and the community. Watch for warning signs that they are not adjusting, and get help early on if anxiety, depression or other problems present themselves.

Q: How does your service reduce the added stress on families undergoing a move?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Our company can definitely make a difference! By coordinating the move for our clients, much of the stress involved with relocation is alleviated. Parents are then able to devote more time and attention to the emotional and physical needs of their family.

For more information on finding a moving company through All State Van Lines Relocation, visit or call (800) 741-6837.


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