Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All State Van Lines Relocation Pays Tribute to Employees

Customer service is the key to the success of any business, says All State Van Lines Relocation, a moving broker located in Margate, Fla. The company offers a competitive compensation package and laid-back working environment but says their employees enjoy other benefits as well. 

Here, All State Van Lines Relocation answers questions about its latest employee acknowledgment, Customer Service Appreciation Week.

Q: How important are customer service representatives to the success of a company?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Good customer service is the single most important aspect to a company’s success. Without it, customers will always go somewhere else.

Q: How did All State Van Lines Relocation get the idea to recognize its customer service employees?

All State Van Lines Relocation: There is already an established administrative event called National Customer Service Week. We took this idea and expanded it to not only recognize their hard work but also to let them have a little fun as well.

Q: What activities were offered throughout the week?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Every day, employees were asked to dress in an unconventional outfit including crazy hat, wacky/tacky, and favorite sports team. There were also raffles and a huge breakfast to kick the week off.

Q: With this being such a highly competitive industry, how could the company afford to take time away from the phone lines?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Everyone continued to work during the festivities. The employees demonstrated a perfect balance of professionalism and fun.

Q: How do events such as these stack up against small cash bonuses in relation to employee responsiveness?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Employees tend to remember events like this more favorably than small and insignificant tokens of appreciation. As an added benefit, these types of events strengthen the bond between employees, which is priceless for everyone.

All State Van Lines Relocation offers customers a way to find the right mover at the right price at the right time. The company, located in Margate, Fla., takes pride in training every employee on how to provide top-notch customer service. For more information, visit allstatevanlinesrelo.com.


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