Friday, October 10, 2014

All State Van Lines Relocation Encourages Clients to Collaborate with Moving Professionals

All State Van Lines Relocation
A customer service representative from All State Van Lines Relocation discusses the integral parts of a significant move, including the need for communicating regularly with movers on this important project.

Q: In the days and weeks before a move, what are the most critical tasks to complete?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Carefully examine the details located on the inventory list, order for service, written estimate and other important documents prior to signing them.

Q: Where can people find information about all of their moving options - companies, services, etc.?

All State Van Lines Relocation: The best strategy is to request recommendations from friends, relatives and neighbors. The Better Business Bureau also contains listings that may prove beneficial. In order to find the most appropriate solution for their particular situation, people should ask for estimates from three or four different moving companies. By comparing and contrasting the different quotes, a person can make the right choice for their individual situation.

Q: How can the client ensure that all services are carried out in a suitable fashion?

All State Van Lines Relocation: Always be present to give directions and answer questions from the movers. Until the project is complete, be sure to stay on site. Find out when and how household items are expected for delivery. Before the moving truck departs, take a long look around the home to be sure nothing gets left behind.

Q: Upon arrival, what’s the best way to help the movers with their work?

All State Van Lines Relocation: By following the movers as they take inventory, one can rest assured that their possessions are in good hands. Supervise the unpacking process of all items for peace of mind. Before signing the closing documents, note all items or boxes that may be damaged during the transport. A moving company should provide a list of responsibilities for damages that could occur.


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